Thursday, September 18, 2014

Summer end farmer's market


Washington DC's Eastern Market has a beautiful farmer's market, and I enjoy going Tuesday nights to see the rare, fresh, and relatively cheap produce. Sorry, no photos, because the majority of the sellers are Amish, and it is against their religion to be photographed as photos are considered graven images. Their produce, however, is incredibly fresh, organic, and sometimes rare. This past Tuesday I was able to buy Tabasco peppers, tiny Thai eggplants, and bitter melon (Japanese: Goya ごや). I was even able to tell one of the Amish families how to cook the goya; apparently someone else gave them the seeds and they had never had it before! I bought a couple and I plan to make goya champuru - Okinawan goya, tofu, and pork belly stir fry.

Another local seller had asian pear (Japanese: Nashi なし). This is one of my favorite fruits, as it is crunchy and sweet on the outer flesh, and sour on the inner flesh. I hope you are enjoying your fall so far, because I am enjoying mine!

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