Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You'd remember drinking horchata

I don't know about you, but if I hear "horchata", I think Vampire Weekend. Click this to dig it.

TIP = horchata is pronounced "or·CHA·ta"

Recently, I became inspired to make horchata.


-1/2 c. rice, crushed in a blender
-1 c. almonds, blanched & skins removed (just dunk them in boiling water for a minute & the skin comes right off!)
-1 stick cinnamon
-some lemon peel, if you so desire

Soak everything in 4 to 4.5 cups water for 8 or so hours. Blend several minutes in the blender, and strain through a coffee filter or an old t-shirt (it will take a while to drip through!). Enjoy!

Some ideas:
-horchata latte (steamed horchata + expresso = paradise)
-mazamorra de horchata (Heat up the horchata, add in about 1/4 corn starch mixed with enough water to dissolve it. It will become thick like pudding. And with some fruit on top? mmmm...)
-plain, over ice, for breakfast. That's what I did!:

Happy Horchata


  1. I'll surely try your horchata recipe!!

    By the way, how about some hot chocolate??

    1. Cute video! I'd love to try Mexican hot chocolate. Looks kind of like how they do tiste in Nicaragua. Let me know if you like the recipe ;D

  2. Lo interesante de la verdadera amistad es que nunca se puede decir que ya esta lleno el vaso y que ya no queremos mas =)