Saturday, April 14, 2012

Curry Crazed

Ever since I've discovered how easy it is to make paneer cheese and spice blends at home, I've been trying to learn as many curry recipes as possible.

(homemade paneer)

I used this recipe from Indian Simmer how to make paneer cheese. Suuuuper simple.

(Bin Bhuna Hua Garam Masala)

Recipe from The Cooks Collection. I used it to make the mutter paneer in the link.

Other favorite recipes, in order of favoriteness:

1. Rice & Spice's Sri Lankan Curry. It's spicy like I need my curry to be, and goes well with any ingredients. I also added lime leaves, to give it a citrusy unctuousness. I made this with eggplant & tofu instead of crab, since I don't trust crab in Colorado :/

2. Dana Treat's Thai red curry paste. Again, happily spicy, just what I want when I want curry.

3. Show Me the Curry's Roti recipe. Because every curry needs a delicious flatbread to soak it up. And these two ladies are just too cute.

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