Thursday, October 29, 2015

Computer Donation for LLI

Hello all,

Recently I have been corresponding with a nonprofit called The World Computer Exchange ( regarding receiving a donation of computers outfitted with educational software in Spanish for a range of subjects, as well as a digital projector. Recently, we just opened a kids' center in August where we hold programming for kids and for women! This center does not have computers, and they are much needed to supplement the women's program basic computation classes, and would greatly increase our ability to teach subjects kids need the most help with, like math and science, through the educational programming that comes with the computers.

The World Computer Exchange has already agreed to match the cost of any shipment of computers to Lima, now we just need to fundraise the rest :) We need at least $635.00 total for all the computers, programming, and estimated shipping. Though until we process the transaction I won't know how much shipping will be, so if we meet and exceed our goal of $635.00, any additional funds will go to any additional shipping cost or will be donated to LLI's general programs funds to help keep our educational programs running.

Here's a breakdown of costs of each item, you can donate a specific amount to cover the item you would like to see in the center, or donate a general amount that would go towards the entire purchase :)

Pentium 3 Laptop Computers US$40 each (we will order 15 for $600 total)

Software and content loaded (Spanish) US$15 each (we will order 15 for $225 total)

Digital projector (used) US$100 (we will order one)

Shipping (estimate) $346.72

Donate now using the link below! Thank you so much for helping our educational programs grow!

For cute photos of our kids & to know about our mission & programs, check out our Facebook page:

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